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lepidopterological publications

The study of faunistic literature is not only a historic walk in a world which is rich of butterflies and for the today’s domestic area hardly imaginable. In fact the faunistic literature is often the only access to knowledge of the change in the nature besides documents of museum collections. Thus, the faunistic literature has not only a historic importance; it is rather the key to comprehension of dynamic processes of presence. Quotation: (Brockmann, Ernst: Kommentierte Bibliographie zur Faunistik der hessischen Lepidopteren. In: Apollo 1990, Suppl.10, S.1-324 )

This database serves primarily to counter the „memory loss“ of antiquarian important lepidopterological publications and breeding reports. The purpose of the database is to bundle the widespread lepidopterological literature and to make it easier accessible.

Scientific publications concerning butterflies were published in many different, not only pure entomological journals in the last 100 years. For somebody who wants to make publications a strenuous searching for classical literature begins (local fauna works and single-treatments, which have to be critically evaluated). The expenditure of time is immense. It can be seen that there are often no links to important, older works. These “old” publications contain often plenitude of knowledge, which we’ve already forgot. This database contains first predominant periodicals; all (as a rule) regularly published press works are summarised here within the librarianship, in contrast to monographs. Examples are: Quarterly journals, monthly magazines, newspapers, bulletins etc. 

Grey literature (unpublished writings of every description, for example: brochures, academy works, diploma thesis, dissertation, expertises) was also included in the database. The grey literature is like every monograph in this database recorded according to author, title and keyword. The database contains first data records from 1880 – 2007 from throughout Europe and makes no claim to be complete. Now and then I made a trip in non-European countries. The period before the year 1880 is reserved for a later treatment. Unfortunately it is virtually not possible to record all relevant titles and – despite of strong accuracy – to quote them faultless without exception. Numerous data records from antiquarian journals like Entomologische Rundschau, Entomologische Zeitschrift Iris, Entomologische Nachrichten und Berichte, Internationale Entomologische Zeitschrift, were checked and recorded manually.

Furthermore we try to store a picture or a PDF-file for each journal or each book, if no protection of copyright exists. Antiquarian literature was photographed by me. I was supported by many authors, colleagues, scientists and institutes at home and abroad. I was particularly strong supported by colleagues from Austria, Switzerland and Hungary in terms of offprints and PDF-files. Please load the stored PDF-files with context menu and target save as on your own hard disc. Happy reading!  

I set special value on the record of ISSN, abbreviations (short title).

Here you can find the nomination by name of all suppliers of data and staff members as well as the link list for journals, publishing companies, entomological associations and museums. The link lists are updated; unfortunately these lists are often subject to a constant change, please tell us these changes.

Since my own library contains many journals, publications, separata or books you have the possibility to request copies or files (PDF, JPG) for a fee. The receipts are used for financing and maintenance of these pages. Please note that this database is private and operated at my own expense and I sacrifice my free time for the works on the pages. Please bear with me while I answer your requests (please send your requests by mail), I will do anything to meet your expectations.

To all authors: I would like to request your support in the form of offprints, thus the database could grow. Furthermore I would ask the users of the database to give me an e-mail if you discover discrepancies or infringements of copyright, so I can delete these from the database.  

If you have questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Manfred Gick (info(at)